You already know that I love Halloween!  I only wish I had tricker treaters to pass out candy and compliment their costumes!  Even though I don’t, I still bought candy like I do.  And I’ve eaten it all by myself over the last few days!  (And they say dentists disapprove of sweets!)  Candy corns, Baby Ruth bars, and Reece’s are my favorite!  It is estimated that the average American will spend almost $80 buying decorations, costumes, and candy for this spooky holiday!  So what’s in your Halloween candy bag?  Here is a list of the very worst-for-you Halloween candies.  These losers contain tons of artificial coloring, lots of acid, and heaps of sugar!!!  But it’s only once a year right?

1. Candy corn (also may contain carcinogens! YUCK!)

2. Dots (cavities, anyone!?)

3. Now & Laters

4. Necco Wafers (people actually eat these?)

5. Twizzlers

6. Laffy Taffy

7. Sour Skittles

Moral of the story: avoid sticky, sour candies that are difficult to chew.  Chocolate-y candy bars aren’t so bad for you after all!!  In moderation of course.