So the whole eating clean thing…it lasted about 2 days.  Tuesday and Wednesday were perfect, I felt great and I was so proud of myself!  Then today happened and things went downhill a bit.  I had a dental school event tonight and I decided to eat dinner before so I wouldn’t be tempted by drinks and appetizers.  I chose an iced tea and had 2 mini soft pretzels with honey mustard–no big deal since I lifted chest and biceps today and completed a 3 mile jog.  At around 9pm the sugar cravings kicked in.  I went to Cuzzin’s (a delish local by-the-ounce fro yo company) and got a way too big cup of frozen yogurt topped with buckeyes, butterfinger, and cookie dough!  It tasted amazing but not amazing enough to be worth how I feel right now–miserable and bloated.  I hope I remember this feeling next time I want to binge on my favorite food!  Here’s to having a better day tomorrow!